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Adoring the kitchenette I chose for Room of the Week today. As soon as I see lucite anything I immediately fall in love, but this kitchenette has a ton of other elements that are equally amazing. I always picture my house having windows like those shown above. Currently, the windows in my house don't let a ton of light in. The amount of light pouring into the room just adds to the beauty of everything that's in it. I love the colors in this room, the yellow walls balanced by the large white moulding around the windows, and the bright citrus colored pillows that line the banquette. And of course the lucite chairs! I'm a major fan of lucite. I think its modern and fun, and because its clear gives the illusion of more space in a room. 

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  1. i love all the natural light! i didn't think i would like the clear chairs but anything else would have been too overpowering!


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