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I've always loved saving images I find inspiring or ripping pages out of magazines of looks I like or hairstyles I want to try. I used to try to organize images in different files on my computer but it quickly became chaos. What a disaster. Then a little over a year and a half ago I stumbled across this amazing site called Pinterest. At the time it was a smaller community but I wanted to see what it was about so I sent a request to join and it took about two weeks for them to notify me that I was officially part of the community. I immediately started organizing boards and saving images that I loved into different categories. Fast forward a few months. Last year in March I started my blog, this very one you are reading right now. Pinterest became my savior. It was the easiest, fastest, convenient, and bonus, most fun way of collecting and filing away inspiration for posts. I have boards for anything and everything from fashion to food to hair and makeup. Fast forward to now... Pinterest has exploded. Every girl I know has a Pinterest or is begging one of her friends to send her an invite so she can get in on the action. Pinterest is even coming out with their own app specifically designed for iPads. I could honestly talk about this site all day. I absolutely love it and suggest every one of you get one as soon as possible. You will not be disappointed. Here's a look at some of my boards...


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  1. You're so informative and cute! And I'll give you the "Queen of Pinning" title ;)


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