Winter (Wahhh)

The only reason I look forward to winter is because Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. Now that we're halfway through January, I'm praying for early spring weather. I just find it so hard to dress for winter weather! It's freezing cold in NYC. I just want to throw on whatever I can find in my closet that will keep me the warmest. And I hate jackets! If I could avoid wearing jackets forever, I would. They always ruin a good outfit in the winter. Anyways, this girl clearly knows how to rock a jacket and dress for winter weather. I'm loving her look. So simple and so cute. And in all neutrals! (Neutrals are my favorite!) I love her oversized chunky gray circle scarf and her adorable black knit hat with the pom pom on it. She looks so chic, but still extremely warm. I need to step up my game. P.S. My favorite part of her outfit is that awesome lightning bolt ring she's wearing.

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  1. hoodies & sweatpants all day everyday. lets move to cali!

  2. seriously that's my dream. we can transfer to FIDM!


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