Fresh Homemade Cookies

Baking cookies has always been one of my favorite pastimes. To this day I still watch my mother bake batches upon batches of cookies to send to relatives during Christmas time. Last night I decided it was about time I whipped up a batch of something. I decided to make the Orange Creamsicle Cookies I told you my friend Victoria brought to class during the school year. They're light, sweet and absolutely delicious; perfect for summer. When I finished making them I realized I had nothing to put them in, not even tupperware. So I went on a search for a cute cookie jar I can display at home when I bake fresh homemade cookies and I found this perfect one from Crate and Barrel. Just what I was looking for!


  1. my fave cookies ever!!! ps link me!

  2. Ps I linked the post where you are linked fool.


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