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I recently stumbled across an article from February's Vogue that gave a glimpse into the Southampton home of designer Tory Burch. I was blown away by some of the rooms in her house so instead of doing a Room of the Week, this will be more of a Rooms of the Week post. Much like her collections, Tory Burch's home is filled with tons of bold patterns and different textures. For some people this may be a bit too much but I think her home is so true to who she is. It's so unique! I absolutely love it. I noticed a lot of woven textures, especially in her living room. She also used a lot of blues and greens in several of the rooms in her home, colors perfect for a hampton's home. She uses many different patterns in one room but they all compliment each other in the best way. Even though there's a lot of "stuff" everywhere, it's not too cluttered, it's still a relaxed and inviting space. Loves it!

Photos: 1, 2, 3, & 4


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