Cupcake Fondue

I've been so busy with final projects the past week I've been neglecting my blogging duties. Terrible, I know. But what's been getting me through this last bit of school is thinking about all of the fun plans I have coming up in the summer. Extremely excited about my birthday, which is in the beginning of June. Desserts are my absolute favorite and I've been looking at recipes to try to make for a "dessert bar" at my birthday. I came across this photo of cupcake fondue. GENIUS. Cupcakes are my number one choice of dessert so this is perfectly fitting for me. Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and tons of topping layed out on a table. I think making your own desserts is so much fun.  I love this idea. 

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  1. setting this up for your birthday?!?!? i'll bring the rainbow sprinkles- lets go early and raid stop and shop


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