2012 Grammy's: Loves It & Hates It

Although I think Joan Rivers does an amazing and hilarious job, along with Kelly Osbourne and the others, I decided to hold my very own Fashion Police for the 2012 Grammy's here and share some of my favorites and least favorites of the night with you.
Sequence was obviously a major trend at this years Grammy's. I absolutely loved Katy Perry in this sky blue Elie Saab dress. The deep V in the back was stunning, as was the applique that covered the dress. Elie Saab has been having some major moments. Remember that lavender gown Mila Kunis wore to the Oscars last year? Anyways, loves it! And I didn't even mind her matching blue hair. She totally pulled it off. Kelly Osbourne looked beautiful as well in that one shouldered metallic gold sequined Tony Ward couture dress. It fits her body perfect and I think her lilac hair looks amazing with it. She looks awesome! Oh, RiRi. I usually don't have good things to say about what Rihanna wears but I think she killed it this year. The deep plunging neckline of this simple black dress could've been a little too much but I think it looked va-va-voom on her. She co-designed this one of a kind dress with Giorgio Armani and said she was going for Michelle Pfieffer in "Scarface". And the always gorgeous Carrie Underwood. I never have anything bad to say about her. She always looks like perfection. I love the white Gomez Garcia dress she wore with its cutout back. She always looks so elegant! I love her. These ladies looked fabulous and definitely rocked it.
Now onto "What the hell were they thinking?" Seriously though, what the hell were they thinking? My mom called me in from the other room to see how ridiculous Fergie was dressed. Even famous designers make mistakes. I'd love to know how this Jean Paul Gautier dress was worn on the runway. I don't know how anyone could make something bright orange and see through be attractive. Adam Levine, you can do no wrong.. but your girlfriend can! I think the difference between being sexy and slutty is the amount of skin you show. This is just overkill. Granted Anne Vyalitsyna is a Victoria Secret Angel and is gorgeous, this dress is just too much. Dislike! I was going to do all dresses that I loved and hated but then I saw Rick Ross and just had to throw him in the bunch. You couldn't get a little more dressed up? And Nicki Minaj. I love Nicki Minaj. Major fan over here. I know she's known for her crazy Gaga-esque style but I just can't deal with this. She looks like Little Red Riding Hood in this Versace gown. Maybe that's what she was going for. Hated all of these! Definitely my least favorites. C'mon guys, you can do better! 

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