I've been in Aruba since Saturday and every day is nicer than the last. I'm having a great time hanging out on the beach and spending time with my family. The water is the most beautiful shade of turquoise you've ever seen. Such a nice change from the murky waters in New York. I can actually see my feet! We've been coming here for about twenty years now so we're not into the whole tourist thing. Instead we read on the beach and walk down by the water and drink at the bar. It's much more relaxing having no worries and nothing to do than have a jam packed day full of attractions. I never have enough time to read so I'm definitely taking advantage of all of this free time. And there's tons of fun stuff to do in the area we stay. Karaoke night, casinos, rib night, bingo, salsa lessons. You name it. And the best part is that the same people come every year so it's nice to go to an island and see so many familiar places. People I've known since I was a baby. They're more like my Aruba family who I only see once a year. I love it here. Oh and I get to brush up on my spanish. Amazing what you can remember from freshman year of high school. I plan to take a ton of photos so I'll be posting those eventually. Hasta manana! 

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