Let's Get Physical

For the most part I have zero motivation to work out. I would even go as far as to say that I might be  okay with never having to work out again for the rest of my life. Unfortunately that will never happen and when I'm at the gym I have to say I really do enjoy working out. It's the getting to the gym part that usually gets me. With summer approaching I renewed my gym membership and promised myself that I would get in shape. Having a goal definitely helps. My goal is to have a flat stomach by summer and also to be able to walk up the four to five flights of stairs to my classes at school without hyperventilating. Another thing that helps, for me, is having a gym partner. Some people prefer to work out alone but for me, having a friend to go with absolutely helps me to get motivated, especially when that partner has the same goals as I do (except she can probably already walk up the stairs without hyperventilating). Good music is also a plus. I have an eclectic taste in music and lately I've been blasting either Adele or Nicki Minaj while I'm on the elliptical. And last but not least, is having a gym that offers classes. If I'm not in the mood to run or make a decision on whether I want to work out upper body or lower body, I can just drop in on a yoga, pilates or kickboxing class.
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