The Hunger Games

Tonight is the night! Well tomorrow really... I have been anticipating this day for months! The Hunger Games comes out at midnight. If you haven't read The Hunger Games trilogy then you must live under a rock. The Hunger Games is about a sixteen year old girl, Katniss, who lives in a post-apocalyptic world in which every year, the Capitol chooses two kids from each of the twelve districts surrounding it to fight in an arena where only one can survive. Sounds a little weird but I promise you, you will not be disappointed if you read this book. I have been trying so hard not to watch any trailers except for the main one that they air on television. I want to be surprised even though I obviously already know what's going to happen. Sadly I will not be seeing the movie at midnight like I had planned but I will be seeing it over the weekend. I can't wait! I hope you all go see it and let me know how you like it! 

P.S. How awesome is this typographic poster I found of a quote from the movie. "May the odds be ever in your favor." I just thought it was so clever. 


  1. Chrissy and I have our tickets for the 10pm showing tomorrow night... In fact, the seats are in the special D-Box style so not only will we see and hear this crazy story, we are going to FEEL it... AWESOME!

    FYI, this is D-Box seating


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